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“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”   Matthew 1:21


The political situation over this past year has made the difficult life in Haiti even worse. It seems unimaginable. There have been protests and acts of violence. It has created transportation problems which has affected the ability to do daily business. Schools and hospitals have been closed because of safety and transportation issues, as well as shortages. There has been a shortage of food and medicine. Prices for food and fuel have skyrocketed. With Haiti in this crisis, we are helping our 10 pastors and their families in this nation. Haiti needs the help and hope of God. We are working with our Ministry Director Pastor Raquens to provide crisis relief to our pastors and the people they serve in their churches.













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Pastors Pedro and Amalia Urcia serve Jesus in Iquitos, Peru. They are the ministry directors of GCI-Peru. They pastor a church in Iquitos and give apostolic shepherding to our ministry network across this nation. They have wonderful hearts for God. Each year they host a Christmas outreach event in Iquitos to bring Jesus to the children of the area. Many of the children are very poor. Amalia is affectionately known as “Abuela” (grandma) across Peru. She uses her animated character to share about the love of God. Many children receive Jesus as their Savior. They are expecting 5,000 children to attend. They give each child a small gift that costs $5.  You can share the Christ of Christmas by providing these gifts.   






Sharing God’s Word and building up faith in people requires them to  have a copy of the Bible. In the nations we serve, a “book version” is most helpful.  As we have opportunities, we purchase and distribute Bibles.





  West Africa

God is expanding our ministry presence in West Africa. We now have ministry works in Nigeria, Liberia, Benin, Togo and our newest nation Ghana. Women and their families can benefit greatly in these nations from Economic Development. Sometimes children are sold and trafficked into abusive situations because families can’t afford to care for them. In recent years we’ve helped 200 women in Togo and Benin with a stipend to start sustainable businesses of selling fruit, vegetables, grains and cloth.  You can make a big difference!         





  Native American Outreach

There is a great divide between the Native Peoples and the rest of our nation. The deep hurts of history still remain.  There is great suffering among many tribes. There is loss of identity, poverty, addiction and high suicide rates especially among the youth. VisionVestors is partnering with Native  American leader Fran Obrien (Kiowa/Apache) to bridge the gap and demonstrate the love of God. We have sponsored Vacation Bible Schools in Oklahoma and other outreach events. Breakthroughs are coming! You can help.




Antonio and Graciela Chavez are bringing Jesus to the people of Nepal. They have connected with the people through helping special needs children. VisionVestors helped them to secure a hostel called the Himalayan Guest House as their base of ministry. Nepal is about 1.5% Christian but people are responding to the love of Jesus demonstrated in practical ways. This project is to help them with support to maintain their guest house.